The Shield Vol. 3
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The latest edition of The Shield magazine explores how business and government organizations are managing risks and making smart investments for long-term success.

IPO Readiness
What every company needs to know before ringing the bell.

The JOBS Act’s Impact on Capital Raising & IPOs
Q&A: It’s designed to jumpstart business and public offerings, but what are the challenges and benefits?

The Human Side of Mergers
5 tips for effectively managing critical resources.

2013 Outlook: Federal Human Capital Management & Strategic Planning
Q&A: Former Treasury CHCO Rebecca Contreras stresses the value of long-term strategy.

The Future of Financial Services Data Standards
MIT research engineer Edmund W. Schuster shares predictions for regulatory and technological changes.

Market-Proof Your KPIs
3 strategies for making KPIs lead complex change and boost performance.

The Role of Internal Audit in Enterprise Risk Management
Q&A: International IA authority Dave Reynolds discusses how IA can augment ERM efforts.

Why Organizations Are Still Struggling with Legal Entity Management
Looking beyond tax and legal to remove LEM barriers.

Pivotal Plays® Leadership Awards Series
Recognizing Pivotal Players in the community.
Growth Equity: A Recipe for Success
Firsthand lessons from late-stage growth investor Deric Emry of ABS Capital Partners.

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